Our Federal Grant Proposals

     Year   Agency/Branch   Topic Number     Topic Description
      2005     DoD/Army           A005-014           Disposable/Survivable Antenna Technology
      2007     DoT                     07-FH1              DPS Receiver/Demodulator with Location Determination
                                                                                     by Time/phase Difference of Arrival
      2009     DoD/Army           A092-071           Window Mounted UHF Antenna System
      2009     DoD/Army           A092-068           Conformal, Printable Antennas for VHF and UHF Applications
      2009     NASA                  09-1-O1.02         Surface Deployable Antenna Array (for Moon missions)
      2009     DoD/Navy           N093-173           Heptal Band Dielectric Resonator Antenna
      2010     DoD/DARPA        SB101-013         High Density Power Converter Electrronics
      2010     DoD/Navy           N102-153           DC-DC Buck Converter with a Harmonic Filter
      2010     DoD/Army           N102-131           High Power Dielectric Resonator Antenna
      2010     DoD/Air Force    AF103-098         DRA Antenna for Global Navigational Satellite System
      2010     DoD/Air Force    AF103-187         Antenna for GNSS Handheld Receivers
      2011     DoD/Navy           N111-013           Metachaff - metamaterials for countermeasures
      2012     DoD/Army           A123-118           SiC 600VDC Solid State Protection Unit utilizing Active Harmonic
                                                                                       by Filtering
      2012     DoD/OSD-RE      O123-EP5           Analysis System for Testing Aircraft Power Quality

Radio Frequency Hardware Design Antennas and Propagation
IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques
Microwave Circuit Design Antennas Designs High Frequency Electronics GHz Design Work SBIR Partnerships 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Electrical Engineering Contract Work EMC EMI Consulting for Aerospace
Transceiver and Filter Design at GHz Frequencies
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