-  RFID PCB antenna for dual band 125kHz and 13.56 MHz
-  Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) feasibility study for K dual band mode
-  Aircraft safety device using radiofrequency energy
-  Tumor ablation tool feasibility study
-  High efficiency DC-DC converter design feasibility study
-  Wireless data broadband antenna feasibility study 400MHz-6GHz
-  Medical application antenna design
-  High Isolation Cellular Basestation switching module for system testing
-  NASA Compact Array Antenna Design
-  DoD research for projects ranging from antenna to DC-DC converter design.
-  Public Safety Radio - Transceiver subcircuit design, 900MHz stepped impedance filter design for PA, Preamp output chain analysis and design
-  Aerospace EMC subsystem analysis and testing
        Lightning, Radiated/Condcuted Susceptibility, Radiated/Conducted Immunity
        RTCA DO-160F, Boeing D6-16050-4 & D6-16050-5, MIL-STD-461E
-  DVB-H broadband small aperture antenna design for handheld devices.
-  Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) and
        Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) module design for automotive.
-  WiFi network analysis:  Security assessment, Propagation Analysis
-  Analysis of an enclosure with an aperture for high power electromagenetic pulse effects on CMOS circuitry.
-  Aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna array at 35GHz.
-  8-12 GHz Comb Generator using step recovery diodes
-  Ku Band Radar Transceiver Design for UAVs
-  UHF remote control antenna design
-  LNB probe design for a DBS (satellite) system
-  Fixed and voltage controlled oscillator designs from 800 MHz - 30 GHz. Designs for
        AMPS, GSM, PCS or DCS phones.
-  Antenna designs for 802.11 devices.
-  Various filter designs from 0.1 - 40 GHz.
-  Local Multipoint Distribution System (LMDS) transceiver design -
        Utilizing GaAs MMIC PAs and LNAs. Designed microstrip passives.
-  39 GHz Microwave backhaul link transceiver design.
-  AMPS/CDMA Cellular Network design.
-  Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) Network design.
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