•  Radiofrequency Component design:
          Filters, PAs, LNAs and oscillators
•  Antenna design - esp. broadband small aperture
•  Transceiver design
•  EMI/EMC analysis and assessment                Capabilities - EN
•  PCB Layout                Capabilities - EN
•  CAD design
•  Linux Support
•  Propagation Studies
•  Engineering group tools (software)
•  Build component libraries for your design software
•  Prototyping with fabrication companies
•  Find and interface with large volume production facilities
    to realize your product
•  Research new products
•  Market studies
•  Feasibility research
•  Technical Writing
•  Technology consulting

Radio Frequency Hardware Design Antennas and Propagation
IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques
Microwave Circuit Design Antennas Designs High Frequency Electronics GHz Design Work SBIR Partnerships 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Electrical Engineering Contract Work EMC EMI Consulting for Aerospace
Transceiver and Filter Design at GHz Frequencies
Expertise in RF Hardware Design EMC Expert in Aerospace Veteran Owned Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) DoD NASA DOT NIH Proposals Antennas and Propagation Available for Consulting and Contract Work Recommended for Expert Consulting
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